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Monkeys Punk
2011.06.02, 05:14 PM
Hi there guys.
I have been trying to install a double stack of fets onto my mr03 and started buy removing the 2 fets on the underside.Being an electrician I thought it would be easy enough. Well they are way too small for me to contemplate carrying on so I have put it back together with just the top 2 in place and the bottom 2 removed and it runs fine. My question is can I continue running it like this as I am only running 70T PN motor ? I cant seem to notice a difference in power at the moment but wondered if it would be damaging the unit only running on 2 fets.

2011.06.02, 06:34 PM
You may end up burning up those fetts. Not sure exactly though you should hit up Action B he does fett jobs for very reasonable prices. Alot of people here on the forums use his services.

2011.06.02, 07:46 PM
With 2 fets installed on a 70t motor you should be fine. AM cars only have 2 fets, which are the same fets as the ones on the ASF and they work fine with a 70t. With a faster motor you may run into problems, but with the 70t, I would say its safe...

I would recommend getting the fets reinstalled, but I dont feel you will damage the other fets unless you switch to a faster motor.

Monkeys Punk
2011.06.03, 01:59 AM
Ok cheers for the help guys.