View Full Version : Futaba 4PL and mini z

2011.06.03, 12:18 AM
Can 4PL be modified the same way as 4PK to control Mini z ???

Any one has any idea ??

2011.06.17, 08:35 PM
Does the 4PL have a DSC function/output?

2011.06.17, 11:50 PM
Not sure, I dont have 4PL myself but I planning to get one if it can e mod like 4PK.

If it have a DSC , does this mean it can be mod ?

2011.06.20, 03:12 PM
It most likely can be modded if it has DSC. The KO MiniZ module only needs power, ground, and PPM data from the radio. Many 2.4ghz radios are all digital internally though and no longer generate any PPM. The 4PK still does when its in LCD only mode and you select the correct receiver type. It sends the PPM data out the DSC port on the back of the radio.
So if the 4PL has a DSC out it should be able to modified the same way as the 4PK.

Consider the 4PK anyway though as the mod is quite easy to do and the module nicely fits inside.