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2011.06.03, 11:26 AM

anyone have experience with the bulk battery sales you find on flEbay?

I am running a group of cars for a friendly league and I'd like to make a bulk order of aaa cells that are reliable but dont have to be super punchy.

Ive had some tenergy's in the past...anyone try the newere generations?

There are quite a few auctions for 1800mAh cells...thoughts on these generic chinese cells?

Thanks in advance,


2011.06.03, 12:34 PM
years ago some club members went in on a bulk buy but it wasn't from ebay. they were fujicell 800's i believe when 800's were the new thing. it worked well given you you lots of cells for a good price. they were not competition cells like the botique brands you buy now.

2011.06.03, 09:37 PM
there are a lot of generic 1800mAh cells in bulk purchase....anyone try these?

I dont need punch but I want to buy a group of cells and not have half of them duds or something like that.

2011.06.03, 10:59 PM

Try these. Get the LSD ones, which are the ones I use. They are great.

2011.06.04, 03:30 PM
thanks for the link...went ahead and bought a 60pack of tenergy premiums!

Ive used the tenergy blues before to decent affect so this bulk purchase will keep the loaner cars from using my power cells.:p

2011.07.12, 10:07 AM

after a lengthy wait due to a mail strike I got my Tenergy premiums in the mail.

Started cycling the first two blister packs (6 sets total) and after one cycle i'm getting over 1000mAh on cells.;)

I'll find out how they perform this weekend...I'm getting a very bright light on my discharger which bodes well for power on discharge (I may be crazy but i've noticed that my strong cells tend to do this when cycling)

2012.05.13, 04:45 AM
Wonder how these batteries worked out?....

2012.08.06, 09:21 AM
Manufacturers are constantly improving lithium-ion. New and enhanced chemical combinations are introduced every six months or so. So buying in bulks are not really a good idea somehow.

2012.08.06, 11:57 AM
rubbish. :rolleyes: all the retailers source from a handful of manuf. chances are your not replacing your batteries every 6 months so waiting to purchase, is akin ot waiting for the next iphone which is always 1 year out. your always going to be waiting.

for the intended purpose, a bulk buy makes perfect sense and is your best compromise between cost/quality and quantity. plenty of clubs have done this.

2012.08.06, 02:02 PM
Manufacturers are constantly improving lithium-ion. New and enhanced chemical combinations are introduced every six months or so. So buying in bulks are not really a good idea somehow.

lithium-ion and lithium polymer probably, as in we are starting to see higher discharge capabilities and so forth... but most racing regulations do not allow those types of batteries. And NiMh technology is pretty stagnate right now as far as "advancing".

2012.08.06, 02:22 PM
I think you guys are talking to a spam-bot... :rolleyes:

Ellisamae?... has resurrected all these battery posts with general statements?

2012.08.06, 03:01 PM
:)Wonder how these batteries worked out?....

Funny how you get caught up with threads when someone posts ridiculous statements about li-ion use in mini Z's....

These cells from Tenergy are excellent value and have outstanding performance in stock/70t type cars. Our club doesn't really go for super punchy cells but these have a great discharge for 15-18 minutes and because I have so many of them they surprisingly give consistent performance between packs.

I'm super pleased with them and recommend them to anyone.

2012.08.06, 05:27 PM
i bought 24 pack from amazon, i havent got to cycle them alot since i have gotten them. id like to, just no time. so hopefully i can soon