View Full Version : Rear Wheels Body Clearance?

2011.06.06, 09:20 AM
I've noticed that on the two bodies I use to race if the rear suspension is compressed, the rear tires touch the bodies.

The two bodies are the Ferrari F430GT and the Lexus SC430. The problem appears to be worse on the F430 though the clearance on the SC430 is almost non-existant. Is there something I'm missing here in prepping these bodies?

2011.06.06, 09:24 AM
Check your wheel offset. Sometimes a little bit less offset makes a huge difference in the tires rubbing against the body.

2011.06.06, 09:28 AM
I'm running +1 all around (per what the body is supposed to be used with). Maybe running 0 in the rear and spacing it out a bit with shims?

2011.06.06, 11:17 AM
ATM makes wheels (S6) that are available in .5mm increments from 0-1.5mm offset. You may want to try the .5mm offset. This is what I usually run under the 430GT. I also shaved the inside of the body a little, and mounted the side body clips slightly lower to increase clearance. I rarely run AutoScales, I usually use unpainted bodies so that I can test fit before I install the side clips and check the clearance and adjust the side clip location to fit how I want.