View Full Version : Sliding on a mini-z track

2002.07.26, 12:18 PM
If you put about an oz. of water on the floor you can drift alot and learn it. The skill can also help you on the race track and go around turns faster.

2002.07.26, 12:40 PM
i wouldn't use water... that's risking the electronics.... i'd just do drifts on hardwood floors... the dust on the tires is slippery enough.....

2002.07.26, 12:46 PM
That's what I do.
If I practice on dusty wood, I can work out how much I can push out, then I ca push out just a little more on a different surface, lie linoleum or carpet.
The only problem m is trying to clean the axles afterwards...
you wouldn't believe the way axles get caught up on some of my floors.... Worse than carpet...

2002.07.26, 01:51 PM
try and drift on waxed floors like at a hotel in the ball room or in your house joust wax the floor and Wala slip and slide.