View Full Version : Are the Threads on the Optional Titanium Screws the Same as Mini Z Stock Screws?

2011.06.15, 04:11 PM
Are they the same threads?

I'm thinking about purchasing the Titanium screws because I do alot of tinkering with my Mini Z and I don't think the stock screws will hold up in the long run.

Also I notice these blue circular things around the titanium screws on the rear damper plate, What are these and what purpose do they serve and where can you purchase them?

Here they are:

2011.06.15, 04:50 PM
the titanium screws thread are the same, you'll need both machine and plastic screws depending on what you have on your car. the little thing you are referring to come with the dampers. they help clamp the plate to the chassis.

2011.06.15, 04:59 PM
Thank You Brian.

Can you please provide me with a link to where I can purchase all the sizes I need?

Also is that a 1.5 MM Hex Driver that's need to turn those screws?