View Full Version : Motor loses power when I plug in giroz transponder??

2011.06.18, 06:41 AM
Hi All

I am running public events with mini z's and use giro z transponders with Flipside race software.
I've got 6 cars all running fine and transponders being picked up. With the others however I lose power to the motor when I connect the transponders. It's almost like I am forming a short circuit by plugging the transponder in.

I am totally confused as I have 6 cars that work and are all the same!

Any help/guidance appreciated

2011.06.18, 07:31 PM
Are these MR03 or MR02? Are you using the plug to the ICS connector? Could the wires be damaged with the plug, possibly crossed at some point? Have you used the same transponder/wire with cars that work? Maybe you should try hardwiring the wires with the cars that have problems to the battery terminals, so you dont go through the ICS port. This is actually my preferred method, so you get the power directly from the battery, and not through the board. The only minus, is that anytime batteries are in the car with the transponder plugged in, the transponder will draw power and be on... as where the ICS connector will work with the switch.

2011.06.18, 07:44 PM
Make sure that you don't run the transponder wire from the motor terminals. THis is a rooky mistake. Make sure to connect the transponder leads from the battery terminals not the motor terminals.

If you use the motor terminals, what happens is that unless the you are full throttle, it won't count the lap. There could be other issues too, like what you described.

2011.06.19, 12:44 PM
Hi there
Sorry should have gvien more detail. I am running MR03's and just use the lead that comes with the transponders (with two washer connectors) which I bolt to motor terminals. I will change to the battery terminals (not sure where they are!!) to see if this solves it.
I recall getting another lead with each transponder but not sure what it's for. I also have two multi pin sockets in car which maybe for that?
I'll suss it out and report back!
Thanks for help

2011.06.19, 02:17 PM
Although this is an old pic of an MR02... it will show you where the battery terminals are for you to install the transponder properly... it is the same on the MR03.

2011.06.19, 02:51 PM
That's very kind, thank you very much. I have swapped the wires over to the battery terminals and will try them.
I've had the cars for months but only just starting the business hence my ignorance! I wondered why the transponders that do work only registered laps occasionally, I was pulling my hair out!
I tried installing batteries and taking pic with iphone as I thought you could see the transponder light this way to check it works. Can't see light so I hope it works.