View Full Version : What are these and what are they used for?

2011.06.19, 02:20 PM
What are these and what are they used for?



I see they come in 2 sizes...1.5MM and 2MM.

2011.06.19, 04:32 PM
Look at them and think of a use for them. :) They have an inside diameter of 3mm, and outside diameter of approx. 4mm, and a thickness of either 2mm or 1.5mm, so think of a use for them 'cause I sure don't know. ;)

2011.06.19, 05:06 PM
They may be for larger scales... or any other use you could possibly find for them :P How large are the posts on the MR03/02 PCB covers for the dampers?

2011.06.19, 05:32 PM
Those posts are 4mm OD, so you would need a 4mm ID shim on them.

Typically, the usage I see for the M3x2.0mm shims is to shim out the axle to use LM differentials on standard MM rear pods. It's a pretty elegant solution for that particular usage as the LM diff is 2mm wider on each side (+4mm in total) than a standard diff if I remember correctly. That makes these shims perfect, no need to deal with stamped washers of questionable thickness.

2011.06.19, 10:58 PM
I thought they were for the knuckles on the AWD chassis.

2011.06.19, 11:51 PM
Also true, I'm so out of AWD that I didn't even think of that, lol...