View Full Version : Help ASAP! What Size T-Plate Will Fit this MM Motor Mount??

2011.06.19, 03:47 PM
Please I need an answer as soon as possible:

Here is the mm motor mount:

Here are the T Plates:

2011.06.19, 04:04 PM

2011.06.19, 04:30 PM
I am seconding Bodom's opinion -- while we do appreciate that you're excited about starting up Mini-Z, a lot of your questions have been answered just by *looking* at the actual product description...

2011.06.19, 05:01 PM

I was going to say the same thing, there is lots of info on these forums and you are sure asking a lot of questions that you can simply find.

2011.06.19, 05:03 PM
Okay I understand that I'm asking alot of questions and I apologize. I really do. But I have limited time to add stuff to my current order or else they ship it out and i'll have to pay much more.

So please just this once can you please help me out. What size T-Plate will fit this MM motor mount?

I'm referring to the T-Plates in the link I provide.


2011.06.19, 05:12 PM

Please re-read the post I wrote above.

For 90mm mid mount wheelbase you need a 90mm MM mount at the shortest position with an MM t-plate.

2011.06.20, 12:56 AM
All the T-plates in your link are MM T-plates.. being so they all will work with your 90mm MM motor mount. The only difference in the T-plates from your link is the stiffness.
Again - you had all the information needed to answer your question and refuse to read it and think about it!