View Full Version : Motor limit for stock mr03 board

Monkeys Punk
2011.06.20, 05:24 AM
Hi there was just wondering what the motor turn limit recommended for the standard MR03 electrics (Obviously with the correct gearing). Would the PN 50t be ok ?

Monkeys Punk
2011.06.20, 05:26 AM
I have read post from guys running mod motors with them but I really wanted to know the safe limit without having to really watch out too much.

2011.06.20, 06:36 AM
Some people at our track are running CTP 36 motors. Others run PN32 & 33 turn on stock electronics. 10 & 11-53 gearing.
The same goes for ATM T2 and T2+. 10-53 gearing.

There are also a few guys running Stock-R with 12-53 gearing.

To this date the only FET blowups we have had are because of other mishaps like sloppy fastening of the screw terminals etc. Not a single FET has been smoked in normal use with these motors.

We have had some chassis meltdowns etc with 32 turn motors with to much advanced timing, but with "off the shelf" mod motors you dont need to worry.

I have had a car were the FET's fell off because they became so hot, but the FET's survived:) The reason here was a loose connection on the screw terminals from the motor.

Monkeys Punk
2011.06.20, 06:56 AM
Great that's just what I needed to know thanks.

2011.06.20, 09:31 AM
I support Rune's opinion as well. I have used almost every motor on the market (besides custom handwound motors) and have not had any problems with stock fets (I only have one car with upgraded fets), the only issues that I see at the local tracks is by user error (motor terminals coming loose).

I always start with a lower pinion and work my way up to find the speed that I need.

2011.06.20, 01:32 PM
Also supporting Rune's observations, I've seen people run the PN 32t on stock FETs and that's probably as high as you want to go. Theoretically, a Plasmatomic (Plasma Dash 27t in an Atomic or PN can) without neodymium magnets might pull enough current to actually fry the 2x2 3010 stock FETs (ph2t did some measurements back in the day if I remember correctly), so I would take 32t to be the motor limit unless you really want to push the boundaries.

2011.06.20, 04:10 PM
I think that I have a plasma dash armature in a can with Ferrite magnets in my MZM... maybe I should test that theory :P