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unearthed name
2011.06.20, 08:08 AM
so in my local hobby shop, we run bi-monthly mini-z race. we are only allowed x-speed motor for the race. to check whether the motor is not tempered in anyway, the scrutineer use muchmore motomaster to check the amperage of each motor.

the maximum limit allowed for x-speed is 6 ampere on 4 volts. however there are some cases where a new x-speed is checked straight from the box, and have a 0.7 amperage rating. some of the racers also experienced minor inconvenience because when the scrutineer check for the motor after they break it in, they have 0.7 amperage as well.

my questions are:

1. is motor amperage the best way to check whether a motor has been tampered or not?

2. if not, what do you suggest?

thank you for your answers guys.

themelis factor
2011.06.20, 09:25 AM
The best way is not amps. Anyone can break a motor in to gain more amp draw. By tampering with the motor you gain rpm's that's the only way to check if a motor was tampered with

2011.06.20, 03:19 PM
The only shore ways are by checking the magnet strength or the inductance of the rotor.

You can check the inductance with a good multimeter that has that option, and the magnet strength i know there are some testers for slot cars, although I can seem to find them online

2011.06.26, 06:22 AM
if your club already has a motor master then simply ban any motor that spins faster than say 30,000rpm on the 4 cell mode

this is a base level of mini-z and xmod motors faster than that and its not stock

2011.06.26, 06:53 AM
You might want to implement a gear rule. Easy to check. If all else fails establish a lap time rule. Any lap below the set point doesn't count.

If you are trying to handicap the field for the sake of equalizing the competition these are the easiest ways.

unearthed name
2011.06.28, 08:00 AM
interesting, thank you for the input. i hope for the next series we can implement some of these.