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2011.06.20, 01:51 PM
Finished the build on my customized MantisWorx F1 car last Friday night. However, still have some tuning to do.

The car features the following:

-MR03 Tiki Tiki (chase mode) board

Required the coreless servo motor to be removed- I replaced with an older AWD cored motor. Make sure to swap the positive and negative wires where they hook unto the board. Also, swap the green and orange wires on the board for the steering pot. Otherwise, the steering won't work right

-MantisWorx Tri-link front suspension:

using MR-02 kingpins with Yellow MR-02 springs

-MantisWorx Tri-damper rear suspension

using PN green springs (from PN tri damper system) w/ 5000W K diff grease & K yellow spring for centre K shock with 15k diff grease

-MantisWorx carbon fibre front wing
-MantisWorx carbon fibre rear wing
-MantisWorx rear wing chassis mount
-MantisWorx super soft T-plate
-PN F1 alloy motor mount
-R246 Hi-Torque Li-Fe Motor
-Reflex Racing 64 pitch 53T Super light spur gear
-PN racing 64 pitch 12 tooth pinion gear
-R246 Li-Fe cells
-stock K knuckles for now
-stock K tie rod for now
-K 30 deg F1 tires front
-K 20 deg F1 tires rear

I have a McLaren body to be painted, but no time right now. I will decorate with some custom MC3 stickers.

I've only run it a couple of laps. It's ballistic fast but it has the dreaded tweak known to F1 cars. It wipes when turning left. I'm told this is an easy fix with the tri-damper rear setup. All I need to do is preload one of the rear shocks. Which I'll do this coming Saturday.

Pics to be added soon.

pomme de terre
2011.06.20, 03:59 PM
And the total cost...? :p

2011.06.21, 08:07 AM
i saw it on friday night and wow it's fast!

2011.06.21, 08:40 AM
this thread is useless without pix!! LOL

the tweak can be adjusted a few different ways but hard to explain without seeing.
you have three ways to get it out, one is the tweak screw on the bottom of the tri-link base board, by installing the screw on the right side of the car it will decrease it but it is more of a quick hit or miss adjustment.
Two is a little more complicated but works never the less: i will try and explain, on the tri-shock there is a triangular pc that connects to the cantilever arm on top with two screws in it, the holes are oblong and can also be used to adjust droop. you can move that pc to one side or another to adjust tweak also, in fact before you change anything make sure that pc is all the way forward or back. the third and best way to adjust is using preload from the cantilever springs. by pre loading the right side spring it should decrease left turn tweak!

2011.06.21, 08:48 AM
And the total cost...? :p

Cost = 1 x 1st newborn son :D

Sounds S-I-C-K man:D

2011.06.21, 08:53 AM


2011.06.26, 10:59 AM
Note I forgot to add I am using a K Ti Diff shaft and the K gold diff bits.

Also since the 1st post, I upgraded to ATM AWD rear alloy shocks, which required I go back to the original K metal post. No option for droop settings now except for changing the washers on the shock shaft of K shock. I also put a PN AWD knuckle delrin insert over the screw going into the PN motor mount. This did not affect the suspension/motor mount movement. Also, I had put Ti screws where possible when assembling.

As for tuning, I did as Mantis advised and adjusted the right rear shock (passenger side) to take out the tweak (car would wipe when turning left) and it worked. However, from the last run last night, the car now suffers from mid corner oversteer, both left and right. I will continue to tune and provide tips and feedback where possible.

You'll notice on the pics that the front wing has taken some damage. As you may or may not know, you need to trim the front wing mounting area so it will fit in between the trilink system in the front, making it more narrow. I did a crap job on the trim and the wing broke off when I got hit (several times) last night during practice and qualifying. I mounted it to the front piece of plastic (upper piece/ cover for servo gears/pot, etc...) which is a temporary fix.

2011.06.26, 10:59 AM
some more pics attached

2011.06.26, 12:12 PM
Car looks really good :) Care to share any videos? I want to see it in action.

2011.06.26, 03:49 PM
your not going to be able to get away with K30 fronts and the tri-link, go with K40's.

on your next order remind me and i will send you a replacement bottom pc. i havent heard of anyone breaking one until now!!

looking at the pix, are you still using the tweak screw, if so remove it? also try a little more preload on the front springs .