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2011.06.24, 03:14 AM
Dear All,

I recently purchased a used MR-03W LM Red limited edition chassis. The chassis have yet to arrive and I have the following questions as the seller also does not seem to be able to provide detailed answers to my queries.

1) The LM Mount, is the wheelbase fixed at 102mm and cannot be adjusted?

2) Lets say I use a MM Mount, can I use back the Ball Diff that came with the LM Mount? I understand that the Ball diff used for LM is longer than MM mount?

3) I intend to mount either the Ferrari FXX or 599XX Body, is it possible? I read this thread about this question but I still am not very clear yet.

Many thanks in advance for my noob questions.

2011.06.24, 02:14 PM
The LM mount has the same wheelbase lengths as the MM mount, it is just lower and wider. You will not be able to use the LM damper arrangement, but adjusting it for a standard disc damper is not difficult, you should only have to put a shim under the damper post to raise the post to the height needed to be centered in the damper plate.

The LM differential with 0mm offset wheels is comparable with the standard differential with +3mm offset wheels. Both the Ferrari FXX and 599XX should work fine with the LM differential with 0mm offset wheels.

If you wish to use an MM mount, with the LM differential, you would either need to shim the shaft, or change the shaft out for a shorter shaft. All of the other differential parts are exactly the same as the standard differential besides the shaft.

Due to your body choices, I think you would be perfectly fine with the LM mount and differential. If you would decide to use a narrower body, that is where you would run into difficulty.

2011.06.24, 03:11 PM
I Have two of these chassis, both running a MM motor mount with the 599 body, the kit is supplied with a shorter diff shaft for MM or RM mount.
It also comes with a RM mount as standard too if you want to use it.
The LM mount is the kit is set at 98mm wheelbase as standard.

I did try to use the kyosho MM disc damper with the supplied LM mount set for 98mm but could not get the correct position for the damper post so i used a MM mount, its a higher CG than the LM so i guess won't be as good? EMU, perhaps you could add your opinion on that as i am pretty new to mini z.


2011.06.24, 08:59 PM
Thanks everyone for chiming in and sincerely appreciate everyone's advise and replies. I have now got a better idea what to do :)