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2011.06.25, 05:14 PM
Hi all
I am really hoping someone can help me with this problem cos i have tried everything without success. I am starting to think it's me being stulpid which it probably true.
I bought 10 mini z's and 10 giroz v2 trannies to run at hire and drive public events. After spending weeks trying to get them to run correctly i am have still not succeeded!
I add racers on racer screen and leave uid blank. I then click scan and pass car under bridge so it gets registered. When i save it the details come up on the right side of screen. At first i was entering the number of each trannie under uid before i realised this does 't work (or it does but is intermittent).
I had a school fayre today so last night i re-entered all the cars and scanned/saved the trannie etc.
After each car was entered i started a practice session and they all registered when going under bridge. Great i thought its all working only to find out today that not one single car was registering on the lap timing system! What on earth am i doing wrong????!!!!!
The other thing i should mention is that before i started leaving the uid blank and was putting in my own numbers i noticed that when i ran one car under the bridge another car were show up on screen as well, even though it was turned off!
Its doing my head in and really need help!!!

2011.06.25, 05:48 PM
Not sure with using the giroZ transponder, but this it the order you should do it in. not sure if you are or not.

1. Hit "new Racer"
2. place car under loop.
3. Hit "Scan" (should register the UID #)
4. Enter in driver info, car info, etc.
5. Hit "Save"
6. Repeat for each transponder.

Car and driver will show up on the screen to the right. Also make sure your GiroZ transponders are different #'s. if you have a duplicate you will see both over there but only one will have a "check" as being the active one. Only the ones checked will count when the race is started.

also another think to check is to make sure you have the correct comm port selected in the setup screen.

Hope that helps.

2011.06.26, 03:26 AM
Hi there
Thanks for this, very helpful. I definitely have the correct comm port selected (in fact I had to installl the correct driver for it).
I am however doing it in a slightly different order to your instructions. I select new racer then hit scan and whilst it's scanning (green bar on screen getting longer) I run car under bridge a few times (go round in circles).
It sounds from what you are saying that I need to pass car under bridge once and then hit scan.
I notice that some of the boxes are checked and some arent when I do it my way which is obviously an issue. Are you able to check the box yourself or is it something the computer does automatically?
Thanks for the help

2011.06.26, 09:30 AM
you are able to check the boxes yourself, that will enable the transponder to be read, but only one UID is allowed to be active at a time. If some are checked and unchecked that means you have duplicate transponders. Only one will be able to be enabled at the same time.

2011.06.26, 10:27 AM
Ah ok that makes sense. All my transponders have different numbers on them (i specifically asked for 1-10). The thing is when i've tried to add new racers up to now the uid is duplicated sometimes. Is there no
Way i can change the uid myself. I try to but they just reset themselves. This leads me to think although the trannies numbered differently there in fact duplicates!!
I'll try adding racers again and see what happens

2011.06.26, 09:51 PM
The other thing I would add over Brian's useful advice is to make sure to be running the latest version. The Giro-Z stuff is relatively new and it took me a couple releases to get it completely right. Plus the newest build even had an update for the Giro-Z that impacts some people if they had certain non English languages as their default.

When creating a new racer you click the New Racer button, then you can click scan and run a transponder under the bridge to get detected. You only need to go under the bridge once when the scan occurs, no need to do loops. Even though the transponders for Giro-Z are limited to 1-24 I would recommend scanning over manually entering them as this lets you know that the software is communicating with the hardware. Though there could still be signal strength issues that are not detected.

If you do need more help you can email me. My email address is my nickname here @flipsidehobbies.com

2011.06.27, 02:09 AM
Thank you very much, i'll try that and advise how i get in


2011.06.27, 09:39 AM
one more thing on the transponders, how are you wiring them to the chassis? they need to have full time power, so you need to attach them to the battery leads coming off the chassis. you can't use the motor wires as a power source as the transponder will only be powered when on throttle and it would not be reliable.

2011.06.29, 07:30 AM
Hi All
I've followed your advice and installed latest version of Flipside. I have tried to start fresh with new drivers but notice the transponders are not being read when I scan them.
I also notice that the Giro Z black box is flashing which I think means an error. I have gone into the Gen Config screen and notice the primary com port box says none!
I have downloaded the Driver from the linked website on the Flipside manual, it's a Zip File.
My question is how do I now install drivers??? I simply have a file on my downloads folder.
Sorry if these are stupid questions but I can't figure it out.
I must have done it before but can't remember how.

2011.06.29, 07:33 AM
I should also add that the Giro Z is showing up in device manager as COM3?? Flipside won't let me select a port on the config screen.