View Full Version : New Class Idea!!!!!!!!!!!

2011.06.27, 10:50 AM
Now dont shoot me down on this but, I have been thinking of an idea over the past few months for another class that would be more of a mild restricted modified class. Basically the way I was thinking was many people have more than one gt mod car that they could run. What if we do a mild mod class in addition to open mod. Restrict the motor to a selection of (PN 50t, Atomic zf 48t, Atomic standard, Pn speedy 07, or slower motors,)

I know i would like to run 2 gt classes

With my second mod car


Chicken Little
2011.06.27, 12:55 PM
^^^ Yah, like....okay Sam.

2011.06.27, 01:01 PM
No but seriously