View Full Version : Are Upgraded Fets Worth It?

2011.06.27, 07:21 PM
I am new to the Mini Zs.

What are Fets?

I see faster motors requires an upgrade of fets?

Is it worth it?

How important is it?

Is their a service that provides upgrading your Mini Z MR03 fets?

Thank You.

2011.06.27, 08:34 PM
Fet stands for field effect transistor. They allow the amperage from your batts to the motor. Depending on the type of motor and it's amp draw rate it is possible to need upgraded fets.

Mr03s have a strong layer of fets as standard that can handle some pretty fast motors.

Do you need upgraded fets? Not necessarily

Would your car allow more power to the motor with upgraded fets ? Yes.

You decide....

I know a couple members that do Fet upgrades...action b is one who is well known for it

2011.06.27, 08:49 PM
I do not feel that fet upgrades are necessary. I only have a couple cars with upgraded fets (I have about 15 cars). I run just about every motor readily available without upgrading the fets. I only find fets necessary for the slower spec motor classes to gain a slight increase in punch. The difference could be one tenth of a second, much more can be gained with line choice, and most important, consistency in driving.

When using the faster motors, if you overgear them, you may damage the stock fets, but in their proper gear ratio, stock fets work fine. The ASF boards have a double layer of 3010 fets, AM boards have a single layer of 3010 fets. The 3010 fet has a good throttle control feel to it, and changing the fet to say the 4562 fet, will lose the feel but gain punch.

What I feel that the upgraded fet may offer most, is more durability. Not that the 3010 fet is not durable, but that if you do run fast motors with high gearing, or want to search for a slight increase on your laptime with slower motors if you are already running consistent laps (basically not crashing for a 5 minute run)... then I would recommend upgrading the fet.

Most of the cars that I drive, do not have upgraded fets, and I do not feel the necessity to upgrade except for the slow motor spec classes where that tenth or two tenths of a second increase helps.