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2011.06.29, 08:07 AM
FInally! may be able to get rid of the F1 glitch and now we have options!

2011.06.29, 09:10 AM
Better figure out how to increase the voltage and amp rate of those all in one 2.4 boards...with 1s lipo recommended and 2A Fet you may have power issues.

Very interesting idea though and great value compared to kyosho board and KO module...

2011.06.29, 03:57 PM
They'll probably work at NiMH voltages, 1S Lipo comes off the charger at 4.2V and 4S NiMH isn't too much higher than that (~5-ish off charger).

My question lies more along the lines of 1) how much soldering would you need to hook that up to a Mini-Z servo, 2) response and resolution of the module/Rx combo itself, and 3) reliability.