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2011.06.29, 01:22 PM
Hello everyone!

I have a MR-03, the Red Bull Porsche model (RM, all stock)

I was introduced to the Mini-Z by my ex girlfriends step-father, he has a slightly upgraded MR-02. I got the MR-03 so we could race (I had a RC-18T with a Mamba CompX that smoked his nitro Savage, no competition lol), however he stopped racing me after we established that the stock MR-03 was a better machine than his MR-02. So... My MR-03 is more of a kitchen/hallway/tennis court lap runner.
With that being said, I have an ambition. I want to set up headlights on my Z, but I DON'T want to invest more than a few bucks in this as I would prefer my finances to go into bearings, suspension, better tires, and a new body.
I have been looking for specifics on the pinout for the two plugs on top of the chassis (gyro and the other 4-pin connector), my reasoning is that there should be SOME form of steady voltage available there that could power two small LEDs. I am hoping that I can make a plug that I can connect to two LED's which will be attached to the body, and just plug it into one of these sockets when I'm wanting to run the car with headlights.
Has this concept been explored by any of you yet? Generally LEDs are low voltage components with minimal current draw so my logic is that 2 LED's in series (or even parallel) wouldn't tax the available power of the Mini-Z any more than the gyro would.
I guess I could always go about it the old-fashion way and use a multimeter to check for available voltage while the car is on.... I just have to get up the nerve to go ask my neighbor to borrow one from him, and make a rig for the probes as the pins in the gyro's plug input are SO SMALL and close together...
I will post my findings if I don't find something out from you guys here first!

2011.06.29, 01:59 PM
Okay just checked the pins on the two different sockets. The gyro ports have a +2.9 V available on the two outside pins and the 4 pin plug has +5.8 V (total voltage of battery pack-- I run rechargable NiMH) available on the first and third pins (first pin being labeled as the one closest to the red chassis LED).

Now, to find some old LEDs and a plug to fit....