View Full Version : Team Evo parts, are they good?

2011.06.29, 03:53 PM
Hello everyone.
I've been over ebay for a while and noticed this brand called "Team Evo" selling rear suspension parts, tires, etc.
Has anyone ever tried any of their parts? :confused:
Is this a new brand? I've never heard about it before...

The prices don't seem steep, so if no one has tried yet I may give it a shot and make a review about it. :p

Would be interesting to know some oppinions of what others that tried those parts think about them. :D

2011.06.29, 07:10 PM
Do you have any links, or product numbers?

edit: just found a few, all I see is an MM DDS, discs, and tires... I dont see much versatility with the parts available... Theres nothing we really havent seen before, and there is little to no adjustability for the parts. I would personally pass on them and go with a part that offers more versatility.