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2011.06.30, 11:10 AM
Hi all,

Has anyone tried racing one of these EX cars yet? How do they feel compared to the regular ASF board? I see the tuning options are available in the ICS software, but are there differences in terms of "driving feel". I talked to Kyosho about this and I was told that the boards are not made by KO propo as the regular ASF boards are, hence the cost difference. I'm thinking about ordering one as my first 02 amongst my field of 03's. Any experienced users can chime in on any differences? Thanks.

2011.06.30, 12:12 PM
others have reported that the mr-02 asf reverse delay has been updated on this board. kyosho usa long ago confirmed it was not the same as the mr-03 asf board. i was initially told there were no changes from the mr-02 however i have not had any confirmation on the board number to identify it.

2011.06.30, 01:48 PM
I've had one apart,it's the standard MR02 asf board,with the delay. Sorry folks. :(

2011.06.30, 02:28 PM
Anyone notice the board shuts down during a race, even with the stock capacitor removed? I have now seen 3 do this, during 5 minute races. IMO: Reverse definately is better than the orig 02.

2011.06.30, 02:35 PM
I dont ever have a problem with 02 reverse, jim you can attest to that for me

That is on my 02 mod cars with the standard 2.4 02 boards

2011.06.30, 02:51 PM
I just got it in and tried it for half an hour on our track here at work. It feels pretty good. No issues with it at all and love the lack of the long reverse delay. No shutdown issues with mine so far and it is all stock except a quick once over to make sure nothing's binding and a little oil on the bushings. I'm going to check the ICS software to see what electronic programming options are available for this one. I'm going to try an x-speed motor tomorrow with some stickier rubber to see how it feels.

2011.06.30, 02:52 PM
I dont ever have a problem with 02 reverse, jim you can attest to that for me
That is on my 02 mod cars with the standard 2.4 02 boards

I think the conversation is about the MR-02 EX chassis. Thats the new set in the white box.

2011.06.30, 02:57 PM
Yes, the new one in the white box with a black KT-18 TX.

2011.07.02, 01:23 AM
Had a test n' tune session at RC Kenon tonight and played with diff motors and front suspension setups. I couldn't put it down! I didn't even want to touch my 03's anymore. I don't know if this is possible. The 02EX with the v. inertia taken off feels better than my fully modded 03's. Strapped a 43t PN motor with the stock gear diff and a 9T pinion and no issues with the FET's so far. Great little intro/ beginner car with lots of potential!

Good job Kyosho!

2011.07.02, 10:53 AM
Above, Kryten said the board on these MR-03EX chassis (RA-18C I think it is called) HAS the dreaded MR02-ASF/RA-18 board Reverse-Delay.
Greenepa76 says he loves the lack of the long Reverse-Delay.

Anyone know for sure if the MR-02EX boards(RA-18C) Do Have or Do-Not Have the Reverse-Delay that everyone hated(hates) about the MR-02-ASF (RA-18) boards?

And is the 02EX (RA-18C) board have only a single layer of 3010 Fets (2X1) instead of having the RA-18 and RA-22 boardsí 2x2 (4-Total) FETs ?

Thanks for the info !:D:cool:

2011.07.02, 03:20 PM
The (BAKTIM) reverse delay IS programmable. Yasuji and I reprogrammed it together using the 03 software settings. The car may not have 4 FETS, but it handled the 43T motor just fine geared at 4.9 using stock gears and plastic motor pod. Motor had no caps, no resettable fuse, and it ran through about 5 sets of batteries with less than 5 mins of rest at most. Some packs were run back to back with no shutdowns or hiccups. I burned through a set of PN 6 rears and PN 20 fronts that were both new last night and was in need of replacing them pretty badly, but kept driving. So far, it's a good car for its price point.

I'll have to double check on the FETS to see if it is single layer tonight.

2011.07.02, 03:24 PM
The 43t should probably blow a single layer of 3010's if not come close... also, the original ASF 2.4GHz MR02's (RA-18) had 4 3010 FETs so I would be highly surprised if Kyosho went back to two for the RA-18C.

2011.07.02, 03:52 PM
So I just cracked it open. It definitely has two layers of 3010's with room on the bottom for another stack. Seems like more room than the MR03 chassis without having to mod chassis. I'm adding another set of FETS to this car and running a 33T for tomorrow's TQ club race:) Good job Kyosho!

2011.07.02, 07:59 PM
... also, the original ASF 2.4GHz MR02's (RA-18) had 4 3010 FETs so I would be highly surprised if Kyosho went back to two for the RA-18C.

^ Absolutely agree. WHy go backwards to less FETs and less power, right? If the 2x1x2 stack of 3010ís is too powerful the ICS DR.FREQ can be adjusted.

> Does anyone know if the MR03 board(RA-22) uses the same STEERING FETs as this RA-18C? I donít know if KO Propo upgraded any of the steering/servo electronics on the 03ís RA-22 pcb specifically to take advantage of the new round-coreless servo motor? Actually I donít even know which ones ARE the STEERING FETs on the 2.4ghz boardsÖ From my experience I donít think myself that there is any downgrade in ST. servo performance when an RA-22 is swapped-into an MR02/MA010, but I am wondering now if I should replace the RA-22 pcb in my AWD and 02 for an RA-18C PCB >>> Which is built using an old-style brushed servo motor? Any reason to do this you think?

2011.07.03, 11:46 AM
Nice that they fixed the whole reverse situation, now ill actually start converting my MR02's AM cars to 2.4 since i was never a fan of the whole cutting up the top plate for the extra port situation (yes im picky about those things since i know id hack it horribly) and its nice to see its going to be cheaper i guess.

Has anyone seen the new board for sale anywhere??? Also could someone with the car hook it up with the part number to the new black chassis and upper part id really love to do away with the whole GREY BLUE chassis that ive always hated so much on the mr02

2011.07.04, 02:27 AM
I'm in need of a new chassis for my EX pretty soon. I'll let you know what and if the part number is available as soon as I find out. I ran this thing in mod class at the TQ club race with one of Yasuji's own blueprinted 33Turn motors. It was geared pretty hot (4:1), but still not fast enough (3.7:1 was the standard) for the long 90' straight on the carpet, and the EX's board thermal cut off so many times, I lost count.:D

It actually got hot enough to loosen the motor screws and allowed so much heat to build up due to the high resistance from the loose connection. It was so hot that the plastic all around the motor screws basically melted, including the solder that was holding the motor wire to the eyelet for the screw! LOL :eek: The best part was, the board never blew any of the FET's. Talk about abusing the poor thing. We were also running in 90+ degree temp in the indoor warehouse. I finally just soldered the wires to the motor output tabs on the PCB to stop all the DNF business during qualifying.

I'm just not going to run this car with such a hot motor anymore til I decide to upgrade the FETs. I think the 39T might be a limit if geared safely with this board. All in all, the car has not died within the first several days of life. The car might come up in photos on Kyosho's mini-z blog since one of the japanese Kyosho directors was there checking out the r/c scene and a bunch of mini-z guys just happened to show up.

2011.08.26, 03:26 AM
Here are my impressions from the new 02EX of a friend of mine.
The board is RA-18E!! Not RA-18C as stated before in this thread.
It has 4x 3010 FETs as mentioned before.
I was surprised by the default ICS settings of the board - especially the Virtual Inertia being enabled...
Also the default Backtime is pretty high - 4.
It drives well with Atomic 17mm Stock ZF motor.
The board shuts down on low voltage !!
Two packs of batteries and the board shuts down before the car starts to noticeably slow down. The batteries rate at 1.15V - 1.2V per cell after the car shuts down.
We haven't experienced any thermal shutdowns yet.

Oh yeah the stock kingpins are a awful :) The front suspension barely moves and jams a lot :)

2011.08.28, 02:25 PM

I am Bodom's friend withthe brand new EX. Here is one video out of the box.
My first impressions are very good. Basicly Bodom said everything.