View Full Version : Wide turn Radiuse kit

2011.07.01, 02:11 AM
So i picked up a WTR kit for my rcp setup i got it in the mail Tuesday.

it seams like one of the tiles hasn't got machined down properly on one edge it doesn't have the texture and is about 2 to 3 mm thicker then my other regular rcp tiles.

dose any of you guys know how i can get the tile to have the same texture then the rest and have the same thickness its trowing the cars all over the place even if i put it on the slower sections of the track.

might rcp replace the tile due to it being a manufacture defect and do you guys know who i can contact to get this done.

I did fill out a support ticket with tiny rc that's where i purchased the track kit.

thanks for the help


2011.07.01, 04:03 AM
Just send an email to tracksales@sbcglobal.net. Let them know your name and order number with TinyRC and they should take care of it.