View Full Version : Atomic motor T2 plus...no reverse

2011.07.04, 05:13 AM
Hi, im running a atomic t2 plus on an unfetted mr03 and cant find reverse. ive tried adjusting the button on the transmitter, it works to adjust the forward setting but not for reverse....Any help?

ive changed motor and i still cant find reverse, i think it must be down to the circuit board. a while back i had smoke coming from the car, i thought at first it was the rear damper touching both negative and positive connections via the screws but everything seems to work apart from the reverse...anything i can do?

2011.08.19, 07:00 PM
You might've blown your reverse FET?

2011.08.19, 07:57 PM
To be accurate, the reverse HALF of one or both or all of the FETs. Each half of each FET handles forward or reverse respectively. :)

I too think that the FETs should be looked at, if not replaced -- do you see any bubbling on the FETs or loosened legs? That would be a surefire indication that they are the cause.

2011.08.19, 08:10 PM
I agree with Mania. Sounds like you cooked the fets. I would have them all replaced. There is no reverse or forward fet, they work together in both directions but use different channels in the fets for forward or reverse. If you are going to have the damaged fets replaced, you should definitely have them all replaced at the same time.

There are a number of places that you can get fetwork done if you ship the car if you dont feel comfortable with doing the work yourself.