View Full Version : Reflex Racing MR-03 Adjustable Upper Suspension Moun

2011.07.04, 01:30 PM

In the process of fitting one of these, I have a wide mr03, so with stock top cover, which comes with little arms which are used to connect to the upper arm, how am I supposed to installs the relflex arms? am I supposed to snap the plastic part off and then use the reflex bits?

Prob need a picture to describe, wish I could find the instructions on how to fit this :)

*Edit - Added pic, so it looks like I will have to chop off the bit in yellow, its the only wide top cover I have, so if there's a way of saving it let me know, I have a couple of narrow ones which I do not use :(

2011.07.04, 01:59 PM
Panic over found this:


Looks like I have to chop off the stock mounting points :(

2011.07.04, 02:21 PM
This is a part that breaks often, so no need to panic. Once you do this you will never have to replace the plastic part which only comes available in a chassis kit.

All aftermarket tower bars, with the exception of te atomic, require you to cut this part.

2011.07.04, 04:53 PM
Cool thanks, finished the install, hopefully work permitting I will get to test it out tomorrow :)