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2001.12.12, 09:32 PM
What should I use? Got lots of goofy lubs and oils etc.. left over from guns models other rc junk... ive always just run my motors down to oblivion never bothered tolub them....

I still have just a stock motor so thats whats in for a lube job...

Its noisy, the bushings I can use some gun lubes etc... any better then others that i might have laying around? WD40 I know is bad cuz it conducts...

What bout the brushes is switch lube a good idea? maybe thats why its sparking etc.. its probly too dry at the brushes.

2001.12.12, 09:48 PM
Bah I jused used gun oil on the bushings ;)...

When applying it to the brass busing on the metal half, I got almost no sound improvement. But the plastic half holy cow!! the sound I thought was brushes is now gone ;). I also put a bit of diff lube in the differential (stock), wich helped minutely.



Its only loud cuz the mic is like half an inch from the motor while running it on the desk stationary... in both .wav files.

So I guess the switch lube is not needed, probly fry it any way, I just hope my Z motor dont spark cuz this stuff was marked EXTREMELY FLAMABLE :eek: hehe.

2001.12.12, 11:35 PM
See if you can get a hold of kenb and ask him for his motor treatment tips; we cleaned and lubed the X-Speed I've been running for over a year and the difference was absolutely amazing! I'm not sure what he used or if it's a trade secret. All I can say is I can't believe how much junk was in my motor before!

2001.12.13, 09:37 PM
:D I've tuned and dyno'd 1/10 scale motors for quite a while and am using some of the same principles on the mini-z motors.

Remove the motor completely from the chassis and pod! Some petroleum based products will eat plastic, voice of experience....:(

Get some premium motor cleaner from a hobby shop or go to an automotive parts house and look for an electrical contact cleaner. Do not use brake cleaner, it can eat the wire coatings on the armature and destroy the motor. Clean the motor thoroughly while spinning the shaft. The fluid draining out will be blackish at first. Keep spraying and spinning until the fluid is clear. Clean the bushings with the spray.

I use a lube by "Niftech" which is specifically designed for bushings. Most oils will do but one made specifically for bushings is better. This oil is slightly thicker than most lubes designed for bearings. Yes it does make a difference. Most hobby shops sell a small bottle of bushing lube for 3-6 bucks depending on who makes it. Use only 1 drop per bushing applied at the shaft to bushing opening. Allow to soak in for at least 60 seconds. If any remains visible on the bushing, (wet look) remove with a cotton swab. Otherwise it will only attract every bit of dust and dirt your tires kick up.

This should really be done after every couple sets of batteries, sooner if the bushings squeal. 1/10 stock racers will do this procedure after every run or couple of runs to keep the "edge".

Hope this helps.:D

Ken if this varies from your procedure, spill it man.