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2011.07.05, 04:49 PM
Firelap is still around and has an AWD platform with a Suzuki Swift body,

It looks a bit clunky but with a better paint job and rear wing, I think this could be better.


this information is also posted on kyoshosan blog.

2011.07.06, 11:12 AM
A bit Xmoddish on the chassis, wonder if anyone has one of these on here?


Always loved the idea of a new Swift coming to the USA... but an affordable 2 door turbocharged AWD hatchback seems to be too much for our driving skills here in the states. :rolleyes:

Canadians got the Cultus version of the Swift years back... we got squat then too.

2011.07.07, 04:35 AM
they got the Suzuki SX-4 version as well...

2011.07.07, 06:55 AM
Now maybe I can do some promo events at my local Suzuki dealer with the SX4 bodies.

2011.07.07, 08:58 AM
Weight distribution is better than ma-010, I might have to get it and swap out electronics

2011.07.07, 10:16 AM
they got the Suzuki SX-4 version as well...

We have the SX4s too but they are either the 4 door sedan or 4 door hatchbacks... no 2 door hatched AWD turbo models here.

I had a 88 Chevy Sprint Turbo (made by Suzuki for Chevy in the 80s) and out of all the cars I had... that little go-kart was the coolest ride I've ever owned.

Guess I was hoping that someone was going to give us a new challenger to all those Turbo AWD GTIs out there.


Miss my little scoot... :(

2011.07.07, 07:28 PM
A bit Xmoddish on the chassis
Gen 1 Xmod platform with Mini-Z MA010 drivetrain -- if they don't suck materials-wise, this is actually perfect. We used to love the Gen 1 Xmod for the amount of space it had inside the chassis, now we can have all of that modding room and replace the drivetrain with quality stuff as well! Alibaba says they're about $50-80 a pop, wonder if we can get some factory samples...

2011.07.07, 08:29 PM
I might be able to swing that B - shoot me an email (I owe you some emails (and $?!)!) and we'll see what we can do ... :)

2011.08.02, 10:35 AM
does anyone know where to buy the car?

2011.08.02, 11:38 AM
Yeah, I would love to get both, anyone knows where I could get them ?


2011.08.05, 04:48 PM
I have only seen one in ebay, but only with Saleen body.

http://cgi ebay.es/ws/eBayISAPI dll?ViewItem&Item=250853940711&Category=2565&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D1#ht_8071wt _905

Looks very good, metalic dogbones, ball bearings, and compatible with mini z spare parts.

If anyone see the Swift, SX4 or M3 somewhere, please tell us.