View Full Version : Normal or not?

2011.07.07, 02:06 PM
I was just messing around with my mini-z the other day and I notided something odd. I have a EX-5 UR transmitter. I had it set so it would allow me to see the throttle movement. (not exactly sure what the name of this is) It tells me the throttle position with a number between 0-70 depending on the throttle position. I had the car upside down and was listening to the motor as I progressively moved slowly from 1 to 70. It seemed pretty normal except for the fact that at certain points there would be "jumps" in the motor speed, not smooth like I expected. It almost looks like my old x-mod that seemed like it only had like 3 throttle positions. lol. I don't really notice these "jumps" at all when I'm driving it. I'm not sure if this is normal operation or not. Has anyone else noticed this in their 2.4 mini-z's? I also wonder how it is that this isn't noticeable while driving, I mean wouldn't you notice a bump in the cars speed? I don't know maybe the tourque changes smoothly with the trigger, but speed jumps at certain points?:confused:

2011.07.08, 11:39 AM
Anyone else experienced this?