View Full Version : 02 AM Board Trouble

2011.07.09, 12:22 PM
Okay got a replacement 27mhz AM Board for an 02 project I wanted to try
evenything was going okay until I went to install the steering gears and
the steering motor
I broke the red wire off of the board
I resoldered it and actually since both wires from the board to the
steering motor looked flimsy decided to upgrade the wires abit
I'm almost positive that I resoldered the wired to where they are
supposed to go back on the board
but I have no steering response now
I do have throttle control
I resoldered the wires to the FET (Bottom) side of the board
Black wire to the outside FET and red one to the inside (front of the board)
Honestly I did not check the board when I got it to see if there
was any trouble with it
So Im guessing that whatever I did with the wire replacement
I put something back where it was not supposed to go
My questions are
Are the Red and Black wires going ot he steering motor supposed to go
across all 4 ports of the steering FETs?
Does anyone know what type of voltages you're supposed to get at that
point when the steering is activated?
Im guessing that its really not too common to just up and blow the
steering FETs like you blow the motor FETs
Any suggestions guys?

2011.07.10, 12:58 PM
Any ideas?