View Full Version : What's the BEST Aftermarket Chassis Available Right Now?

2011.07.10, 07:11 PM
What do you consider to be the BEST aftermarket chassis available right now?

Thank You.

2011.07.10, 07:45 PM
The MR03 :) If you are having difficulties with the Kyosho chassis/car, steer clear of the aftermarket chassis. They take a lot more know how, and DIY tweaking to get them right. The main reason that the aftermarket chassis havent really taken off in this scale, is because the Kyosho chassis and hop ups are really good, and much easier to set up.

If you really need to get an aftermarket chassis, the MRCG by GrayScaleRacing is very good, but in general there are limitations to all aftermarket chassis due to servo speed on 4xAAA cells. The servo's are so small, that they dont generate the speed required at 4.8v. If you use LiFe, it shouldnt be a problem. I have 3 MRCG cars, and I wish I raced them more, but with lack of servo speed, they are very hindered.

If you plan to get an aftermarket chassis, it is strictly a track car, and you will have to spend a lot of time tuning it, and upkeep... On top of that, you get very little customer support, since every car is different as far as electronics go, and there are a lot of small modifications for each chassis. Stick with what is known to work well, the Mini-Z. MR02 or MR03. The MR02 is easier to get a base setup, and is much more durable, MR03 more agile and in general a little faster with slower motors due to less mass. For faster motors, the MR02 is more stable.

2011.07.10, 08:21 PM
And because of that servo speed limitation, the true niche of the MRCG and other aftermarket chassis is on 1/12 carpet tracks, where the lighter weight and lower CG cater better to the high-traction carpet and fast sweeper turns.

Stick with the MR02 or 03 for now -- aftermarket chassis require a certain degree of familiarity with both Mini-Z and 1/12 or 1/10 Pan Cars to set up properly, due to that in-between niche they reside in.

2011.07.11, 03:43 AM
We have P28 in our shop and they are ready for delivery right now.

We have option to run the Mr03 electronics in our chassie. You will need a micro servo like the Futaba s3114 or the Futaba s3154.

I have never experienced any lack of steering with my car.

We also have superior customer support with a dedicated email adress for customers in need of assistance.

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