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2011.07.10, 10:46 PM
Bought a deal on the forum, it turn out really bad, here is the piece i got from the seller, he claim it's complete, how ever it's NOT, there is too many missing pieces that i can not get from online, and R/C unit board is burned, I am trying to see if anyone can rebuilt this car for me
(of course I will pay, please massage me the total) or I will just keep as parts, here is the pictures






2011.07.10, 11:31 PM
that really blows...

I'd like to help you out getting this together.

1. If you'd like you can package everything up and I'll build it together into a working unit. I have a large quantity of mini-z parts (stock and option) that i can can use to get everything into a useable state.

2. I live in Canada so shipping will probably take a bit. My expectations is that getting to me, getting it built and returned to you will be about a month. If you pay shipping both ways we'll call it even...no payment for work performed is needed or expected.

If you're keen, pm me for my shipping details.

ps. You can ask anyone here about my reputation as a seller and mini-z guy...I would not be remotely interested in trying to screw you out of your gear or profiting from your misfortune. It sucks that this happened so lets see if we can get something rolling for you.;)

2011.07.10, 11:41 PM
Hahaha , I am not worry getting screw, because I screw already, how worse can be .... hahahah, will sent you PM now