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2011.07.13, 08:35 AM
Is that video Edwin took on youtube yet? I always wanted to see one of our races afterwards

2011.07.13, 08:50 AM
Shawn, you should look at streaming the races live! so even though i cant make it to the track, I can watch from home! :D

2011.07.13, 09:14 AM
I haven't heard from Edwin yet. I need to give him some MC3 artwork to add to the intro titles. I personally did crap on that last race. I got hit so many times in qualifying that my car was ill handling for the main. Stephen, you did very well! great performance. I will followupu with Edwin this Sat.

Bill, I did look at putting live results within the site using zround viewer, but unfortunately the hookup I have at the track is through another router and I don;'t have access to open up their ports, etc... which is required in order to do it. Also, my website is using a cookie-cutter template, which makes it easy for me to update. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do a proper website with lots of features. However, the template does allow for videos to be posted (either links or actual video), so we'll see some of Edwin videos soon, but probably no streaming. I'll add it to my future wishlist for the MC3 site though.

2011.07.13, 01:53 PM
Sorry, been quite busy these days. Will throw the vid up on youtube tonight or tomorrow when i get a chance.

pomme de terre
2011.07.13, 06:39 PM
Will you be posting the race results from last week Shawn?

2011.07.13, 07:52 PM
Yes, on this Saturday

2011.07.15, 08:44 AM
no rush Edwin. since i didn't see it posted on the MC3 site, i was just wondering