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2011.07.13, 08:10 PM
check out RC.P.Sanda (http://rajitensanda.blog73.fc2.com/), it appears the F1 is getting a new chassis designation along with a new body.

the new body looks nice!

not sure what the significance of the chassis number change is? hopefully it's more meaningful than the MA-015.


2011.07.14, 01:20 AM
looks like new rear motor pod? with an open bottom to allow better cooling for the motor... just guessing though... wonder what other changes/improvements there might be...

2011.07.14, 05:02 AM

My main interrogation in this news is: How will they manage the airduct system on this body?

Cause as other F1 owner know, the rear wing is attached to the pod and it's the whole pod who is moving independently from the body. On real F1, only the wheels move, thus the rear wing is constantly aligned with the rest of the body.

So, how can Kyosho manage to make this particular body? Maybe with a wing attached to the body itself rather than screwed on the pod?

2011.07.14, 08:04 AM
please see this (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=417347#post417347) post as well. i'd merge them but someone else is just going to post something in new products again.

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2011.07.14, 05:25 PM
I assume that the main chassis has not changed. It probably has a new MR03 board (Tiki), same as the AWD...

I do want to see if the wing is a part of the body, or if it is still attached to the motormount. I do welcome anything new for the Formula 1, as it should help increase interest into the class :)

2011.07.14, 05:48 PM
The 015 designation doesn't get me too excited. Now if it was the MF-02, that would be a different story. As others have speculated, it's probably minor changes. I am surprised that they will be able to replicate the recent body styles with the current battery configuration.

IMO, the biggest performance difference will come from the new bodies and probably new slick tires.

2011.08.09, 12:24 AM
from the kyosho mini z & dnano news flash (http://ameblo.jp/kyoshoblog/entry-10979630529.html) page

probably a mock up?



and a new bumper design? that allows for the ic tag?



2011.08.09, 12:29 AM
wonder if there will be any modifications in chassis design...

2011.08.09, 12:41 AM
wonder if there will be any modifications in chassis design...

like a T-plate.....:D

2011.08.09, 07:31 PM
WOW:eek:, it really looks good. I m going to get two !!!!!:D

2011.08.09, 07:47 PM
like a T-plate.....:D

Judging by the pictures, I think it is not going to have a t-plate. Probably just a Tiki board change from the standard chassis :rolleyes:

2011.08.09, 09:24 PM
Wow! and to think that there is still more to come :-) I only hope that a new scuderia is available this time, like the Black Lotus :-) I'm tired of the McLaren/Ferrari ones.

2011.08.09, 11:19 PM
from the kyosho mini z & dnano news flash (http://ameblo.jp/kyoshoblog/entry-10979630529.html) page

probably a mock up?]

probably... the sticker on the top of the right pod is coming off... and the driver's helmet isn't painted... looks good otherwise though

2011.08.10, 03:42 AM

Nice mock up anyway. Unfortunately, the rear wing attachement remains unclear. Seems to be attached to the rest of the body from those pics but can't be sure.

I would also bet this new bumper is made to include the IC-tag that is used on the other chassis.
I hope they enlarge the bumper cause the new front wings of f1 are much larger now. Plus it would ba a better protection for the old bodies. i always found the kyosho bumper to be too narrow.

2011.08.10, 08:11 AM
you can see a separation between the tail and body but no idea what the orange tube extension out from the tail is?

2011.08.10, 09:46 AM
Arch, I believe that in full scale that would be the "F" duct I think it is called.