View Full Version : Reviving worn knuckle sleeves?

2011.07.14, 10:55 AM
Just curious...I have a set of alloy mr03 knuckles that have some play in the inner sleeve. Not only do they have play on new kingpins they really have a lot of stiction.

Anybody ever fix a set?

2011.07.14, 11:30 AM
if you have PN Knuckles, you can buy a new insert:


2011.07.14, 11:40 AM
I've had to replace the PN inserts before. You just need to polish them with a kingpin because they bind when new.

For atomic knuckles, this is what Tj did: basically using the PN mr02 inserts in the atomic 03 knuckle.


2011.07.14, 09:16 PM
Thanks for the info and link...I don't exactly know which knuckles they are (bought the car from pinoyboy) so I'll try a couple different inserts.