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Bicester Banger
2011.07.16, 08:04 AM
hi, i run a club using trackmate hardware & software but our problem is we have over 20 cars racing in 1 race & trackmate can only count 14.
I have just installed flipside which can count 24.
I have 2 problems with it i need help with !

1 you cant scroll down on race screen to view all racers, i have row gap set to a max of -10 but u still cant see all racers.

2 There is no option to print a race result.


2011.07.16, 09:55 AM
I have had some issues with viewable area. Try adjusting your monitor resolution to the highest it will go or do what I did, I got a nice big monitor and can see all 24 racers now.

We run a lot of races in one night and I've been exporting as HFAY and merging into one document for easy emailing to the club members.
It doesn't have all the info I'd like but, we make do.
If I could figure out a way to merge the web browser format that would be good.
Good luck.

2011.07.16, 10:12 PM
In regards to more racers on the screen I could add an option to go up to -20 but you are going to want to use smaller images for your racers. The images I include are 40 pixels high which I am sure that you noticed at -10 will overlap. I will add a little more customization to the next release that will hopefully help you.

Also, assuming you are using Windows, if you set your task bar at the bottom to hide that gives you more screen space. Or if using the Mac you can do the same for the Dock at the bottom.

You could also go with the other suggestion and increase resolution, if possible. Though you need pretty high resolution to get all 24 racers on the screen even at 0 row space. You would need something with around 1200 for the horizontal resolution, like 1600x1200 etc.

To print race results you will need to first view the report. There is a button on the Statistics Screen that says View Report. If you select a race in and click this button it will open a web browser with a report of the results of the selected race. Your browser should then let you print the results assuming you have a printer properly installed. There is no print function directly in the program currently. For the forseeable future this will be the way to print. I do not have an easy way to program this functionality in a cross platform manner.

Mikedw, you are right, there is currently no easy way to merge the report data. Eventually the reporting will be improved.

For now one thing you could do is to merge the xml files. When you generate a web report it creates a few files in the report directory. The html file is what is displayed by default but some browsers can display the xml file. If yours can merging data between the xml files is easier than html. You just need to copy all the data located between the <summary> and </summary> tags from one file into the other. I would just display the xml files by default but not all versions of Windows support this. And a surprising number of people still use stuff as old as Windows 98 with the Flip Side software.