View Full Version : Larger scale on Circuit 50?

2011.07.18, 08:07 AM
Hi All

I was just wondering if anyone is or has raced larger scale cars on a circuit 50 or similar?
I am thinking of making my circuit 50 three tiles wide (150cm) and racing something like the carisma 14th scale cars.

Any feedback from people that have tried this is welcome.

2011.07.18, 09:58 AM
I saw an 1/18th car on a RCP track for a testing lap. It seemed pretty quick and way to quick for a normal RCP. I would guess you will need minimum of 200cm width. Due to size and weight of the cars I assume you will have heavy wear on the side rails, too.
I would not want to go for it.

2011.07.18, 12:16 PM
check out pictures and thread on the NCRC ALS charity race. this is an annual mini-z and 1:18 race run on rcp. plan the track layout right and classes and it works out fine. most sections were 3 tiles wide but not all of them.

anything above 1:18 is going to want 3-4 tile width lanes. i've not put my carisma on an rcp track but that may be pushing the envelope on cost let alone space.

2011.07.18, 03:11 PM
Thanks Arch, I'll check it out. I am looking for cars other than Mini z's which I already run. Believe it or not I think the carismas will work out cheaper (RTR brushed car 99GBP) where as MR03's cost me 160 each!

2011.07.18, 03:19 PM
if you keep an eye out, you can usually find carisma's at very good prices. i know i bought each of mine for less than $75. the kids loved then and they run great on the street. just got tired of the battery needing recharging.