View Full Version : Motor wires with disc damper?

pomme de terre
2011.07.18, 11:43 PM
I'm having trouble wiring the motor wires with the disc damper in place. Either it rubs the body and restricts suspension movement, or it rubs the disc damper.

I'm using the disc damper that came with the R246 mount and a Ferrari 248 body (which works with the damper without any cutting).

Does anyone have any tips? Or pics of how they have it done on their setup?


2011.07.19, 03:46 AM
I have not used these specific parts but, in most cases motor wire has been a issue, I tend to first shorten the motor wire as much as possible, I think in my case, I put the wire under the damper, up through the space to the terminal, I angled the motor wire connectors on the board so that are facing like, / \ so that it avoids the spring.

I will take a pic of this tonight as my explanation is not very good :)

2011.07.19, 05:14 AM
I nearly run the same car. You can either use thinner motor wires and place them between the damper plate and the damper holder or place the wires in a way, that you have them go away left and right around the damper discs. (I hope you get what I am meaning with this)

2011.07.19, 07:47 AM

The wires go between the damper plate and alloy holder like Racer HH says.

There are cut out areas in the alloy holder to do this. The alloy holder bends at around 45 deg each way from center. Then half way down, there are spaces to put the wires.

Lots of guys are running this and it can be fixed at the track this Friday if this advice is still unclear.

2011.07.19, 10:28 PM
I run my wires to the side of the DDS, nowhere near the discs. I shave the body slightly to increase clearance.

2011.07.20, 01:48 AM
I run the wires between the disk damper plate and disk damper mount, and I also use 2mm spacers to raise the disk damper plate. Most importantly, the wires don't interfere with the disks and don't bind up the motor mount when the body is on. Also hollow out the underside of the airbox for the top disk damper spring. It will hit with the F248 under side load and reduce travel and rear traction.

pomme de terre
2011.07.23, 11:02 AM
Thanks everyone for their help and Joe for the pic. I ended up doing it the way you suggested, and raised the damper plate with some washers.

I also managed to mount the transponder where the crystal would go for AM cars (with a little grinding away of the chassis), so everything fit under the body. Only a tiny hole is needed for the diode.


Btw, Joe, it was very nice meeting you here yesterday in Toronto :D