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2011.07.20, 09:52 PM
Forgive me for asking, but what is different about this new AWD. Is it the electronics? - Is this car more like an MR03 interns of giro (being able to use a giro).

I am currently looking to get back into the Z scene, and I am thinking of getting another AWD.

However since "I have left" I noticed MA-015 and MA-010 DWS
Again what is different about a DWS from the standard MA01 besides the sexy rear suspension?

Anyone out there racing any of these new platforms?

2011.07.20, 10:50 PM
MA-015 is an AWD with MR03 board and room for a gyro.

MA-010 DWS is an AWD with DWS rear suspension. The DWS is the best rear suspension that I have used, and I am currently using it in basically stock configuration. The increase in traction is noticeable compared to stock and SAS configurations. It also requires less maintenance than SAS does, since it tweaks less due to the design (solid top and lower covers compared to cage made up of multiple parts). For 98mm configurations, the DWS has an optional center bearing that holds the spur so it prevents poor gear mesh much better than any other 98mm configuration.

Hope the info helps...

2011.07.21, 06:40 AM
thanks for the reply. The DWS is an MR02 essentially whereas the MA015 is an MR03 (speaking in terms of electronics).

Do you know if they sell an orange board cover for "MR03 boards" in case I wanted to convert a DWS.... or does it make more send to buy an MA015 and order a DWS separately ?

I also, the DWS - does it comes with several wheels? (offsets)

2011.07.21, 04:18 PM
If I remember correctly, the DWS chassis set comes without wheels. I would recommend getting the MA-015 and get the DWS seperately. It makes more sense to me to do it that way... since you only need to remove the rear end to install the DWS, instead of swap the board out to upgrade the electronics. I dont think they sell MA-015 PCB covers in orange...

2011.07.23, 04:51 AM
sorry to go off topic a little but does any know if the ma-015 pcb cover will be sold seperatly

i could sure use a couple for me 03 board swaped awd's :)