View Full Version : AWD DWS - with F355 Possible?

2011.07.22, 07:04 PM
Does anyone have the car above? I am interested in purchasing the DWS chassis for racing (yeah I know look at the body I chose)

or I would be better off with another chassis all together?

2011.07.22, 07:21 PM
I have run the 355 with the SAS, but have yet to try the DWS. I currently have the DWS set to 94mm, but will test fit it on my 355 just to see if it clears, will edit this post in a few minutes. I think it is a good body option to race for a small track, even an X-speed should be plenty quick due to the low mass of the body.

Just checked clearance, shouldnt have any issues with rear clearance with the DWS at 90 or 94mm (wheel wells trimmed). I would recommend using 1mm front wheels max, and 0mm rear wheels. A good front tire option are the ATM 40 slick-R, which will have a little push at turn in, but reduce traction rolls...

I personally feel that the body works best with the MR03 at 94mm, but it should be good in an AWD as well. I ran competitively with an AWD at 94mm SAS with an X-Speed against 2wd 70t cars with narrow body restrictions. The X-speed was available only to AWD to equalize the drivetrain loss, it worked out quite well, and the cars were very even in performance, with 2wd 70t still just a little faster than AWD X-Speed.

You can use the PN Corvette front clip with the F355 body to adjust the ride height. I have been using it ever since it became available ;)

2011.07.22, 08:34 PM
do you have a picture of your DWS and the F355?