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2011.07.24, 05:10 PM
i have been running my 03 boarded awd for a wile now and noticed how much less steering travel it has compared to the stock board

so im thinking would replacing the 03 pot with and 010 pot sort this out , or maybe add a "tight turns" set of resistors

what im really asking i guess is what are the values of the two pots used with the 03 and 010 boards ?

2011.07.24, 06:24 PM
Have you tried increasing travel on the radio?

2011.07.25, 04:35 PM
Have you tried increasing travel on the radio?

yes im using a 5-ur the stering rate is up to 120 and still no where near a stock board

2011.07.28, 12:17 PM
anybody ? ?

2011.07.28, 03:05 PM
So, AFAIK, Kyosho smartly made the pot measure the actual servo saver angle on the 02/010 as well as the 03 servo, so if the pots are all the same, then the problem gets significantly harder to diagnose. I'd go ahead and start playing around with potentiometers to see which one does anything -- or bug MK2 for some details as his 03-boarded 010 was working perfectly last I checked.

2011.07.28, 03:57 PM
thanks buddy i will drop matt a txt see what he has to say bout things :)

i would imagine the 03 has a different pot due to the motor being totaly different to the 02/010 both in size and type
this would explain why the travel is so small but not if im the only one experiancing the problem lol