View Full Version : MR-03RM and MR-015 body?

2011.07.25, 10:52 AM
Hi all, i just bought an MR-03RM chassis, and the only body i wanted to have right now, is the Skyline body: GT-R KPGC 10 No. 15 Body Set. MZP11BL ( its for an MR-015)
...so i just ordered it.
Have read that MR-03 can use all Mini-z bodys? so i guess i can have it fit in some way.
But what wheels should i use? I want alu rims, but not sure what to order yet (backspacing etc). Any help appreciated :)

2011.07.25, 11:08 AM
Check this site out for some basic info. www.mini-z-guide.com/

Here is a list of stuff from Kyosho's site on a lot of stuff you might want to know.


I think that body uses 0 offset wheels on the narrow front end setup. Kyosho has a list of wheels that fit and the maximum chassis dimensions for the wheel/ tire combo.