View Full Version : Anyone Ever Use One Of These On Their MR-03?

2011.07.25, 04:53 PM

If you did, did it make a difference in performance?

Also do you think it's worth purchasing?

2011.07.25, 05:55 PM
see this (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35065&highlight=MZW421)thread

2011.07.26, 01:01 PM
Thank You Arch.

2011.07.26, 01:57 PM
This was one of the first upgrades I ordered when I placed my order for the Mini Z MR-03 JSCC Cup Edition.

I just installed it today. Had it for 3 months. It sure looks cool. Here is a pic:


You heard of the Positives. Including makes your car looks cool.

Now hear about the negatives:

1. I paid Kyosho's $41.99 for this little piece of carbon that in my opinion should've been sold for $12 bucks. Eventually I did see it on ebay for $16.99 but it was too late.

2. I had to remove my Kyosho generic lexan bumper that protected my Lamborghini Countach body in the front and front sides.

3. It's hard to get to the on/off switch.

4. You have to remove the entire underfloor reinforcement if you want to change your H-bar or replace your motor (at least in my case since I'm using Kyosho's RML motor mount).

It's a tradeoff.

2011.07.27, 02:05 AM
And what made you consider buying this particular upgrade part?
Do you race your car? On what surface do you drive it?