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2011.07.27, 02:10 AM
Hi Everyone, Thanks for reading this thread. I have a problem with the tail spinning out everytime I turn, left or right. Appreciate any advise. Apologies if the terminology is a bit off. My settings and terrain as follows, which probably explains why the constant spin out (please try not to snigger :p ):

Readyset MR-02RM

Upgrades made:
- Bearings
- Kyosho King pins
- Kyosho carbon T-plate
- Kyosho nylon nuts
- Pinion 7
- Atomic 10 tires front and back (back radical). Not taped to rims.
- Lume on the top suspension
- SC430 body

- Concrete pavements, bumpy
- Bicycle ring at the kids playground, smooth concrete, not exactly flat, sand in sporadic spots

Basically I'm a newbie Mini-Z owner and use this for recreational purposes when taking my kids to the playground. The kids love it and it makes me appear like I'm actually babysitting and a nice parent (wife approval stamp :p)

I could get a cheapo Tamiya all-in-one at TRU but hey I might as well make this enjoyable for all of us.

Back to the problem: the tail keeps spinning out. My obvious (I think) assumption is the terrain is too slippery, and with the high speed of the Mini-Z it's all too easy to spin out. Plus the fact that my kid is at the controls of the transmitter, and as he only operates the throttle, the throttle is on full constantly. So there I am frantically operating the steering and recovering from spins every 15 seconds. It's fun for the lad but not too much for me, and the small crowd that gathers ("oh the receiver has a problem", "obviously the man can't control the car").

Here's what I'm thinking:

1. The front is too light. If I can get the front down then there'll be more force on the front wheels traction and so the car can make the turn. Solution: Add lead plates (like those you add to tennis racket heads) under the front bonnet.

2. The front aerodynamics is wrong. Now if I can explain: after a few runs in the playground the SC430 front air-splitter and winglets are gone. So was one of the headlights. So I popped out the other one. It now looks mighty evil but am I to assume I've messed up the front aerodynamics? Is that even possible on a car this size? Without the front aeros and now two gaping holes in the bonnet, aero downforce is gone and there's air running into the headlights causing lift on the inside of the bonnet(?). I don't recall whether there are any differences when the car is running straight when it had its new body, but without front downforce is this causing some adverse effect to keeping the front down when turning? Solution: Plug the holes with tape, but I'll need to work out some sort of new air-splitter, front downforce.

3. Tires. Solution: Less grippy tires at the back? This may cause the back to slide but hey no embarassing spin-out moments.

4. T-plate too soft. Solution: I've changed the T-plate to hardest. I'm thinking there's too much grip at the back.

5. Steering angle is too tight. Solution: Set this in the transmitter. Now frantically trying to avoid the pavement edge too.

6. Adjustable ball differential. Solution: Assuming it's a case of oversteering causing spin-out, install a ball differential and tighten it.

I'm hoping the community can provide some light-hearted but serious remedies to help me enjoy the hobby before the kids grow tired of it (and me). I have the basic readyset and I don't think there's a way to kinda kill off the engine a bit whenever I turn.

Cheers! :)

2011.07.27, 08:18 AM
The ultimate solution to Mini-Z traction issues...


But seriously, outdoor bashing is tough on these scales, especially for a road racer type. Kyosho 20s on the back, or PN 10s down to 6s would help... to get rid of the hard turn in, I'd go with either a 30 or 40 on the front, harder the better. (maybe even throw the stock autoscale tires on the front?)

The aero factor is really negligible when your racer is hitting the scale equivalent of small curbs every 10 feet... you can soften the suspension but it's still gonna get bounced out of control once in a while.

I've found tennis courts to work out pretty well for Mini-Zs but any kind of dirt or light debris on the surface can get the car spinning out easily. A good rain storm can clean them up nicely though.

It's fun to see these cars outside at top speed, but when they hit a pebble and explode all over a parking lot a few times... you begin to realize that they are not the best size for that environment.

Office carpet works well too, or finding a local indoor RC track to run on. If not... an Overland Mini-Z or Mini-Z Monster can be fun outside while staying with this scale. Lot's of options out there.

2011.07.27, 12:48 PM
when i drove around in the driveway and street, i simply used a slightly softer tire if it spun out a lot. there isn't a need to get sophisticated with the parts as the pavement is simply to uneven. if you have a faster motor, trying adjusting the throttle setting to slow it down a touch or change the throttle punch? so it doesn't jump to full speed when the trigger is pulled. for outdoors, just keep it simple. it's going to get bashed, scratched to hell so no need to dump lots of money into more expensive parts that could break or bend. all i used to change were the tires and h plate.

2011.07.27, 02:08 PM
ph2t found a good solution a long time ago, basically consisting of:

- FOAM rear tires (traction compound optional)
- Kyosho oil shock
- Ball diff
- The hardest front tires you can get

Basically, you bias the setup as far towards understeer as you can, and you will be all good. You could even use plastic "drift" tires up front, that way if you do lose the tail, the front end will keep coasting with you and you get to drift. :)

2011.07.28, 12:16 PM
the surface we race on is wooden floor and so we get alot of spin out .....a free and very simple way of reducing it is to turn down the steering rate on the transmitter :)

2011.07.28, 01:39 PM
i would also try foam tires

2011.07.29, 03:01 AM
Thx for the replies, I now have better knowledge on how to improve it.