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unearthed name
2011.07.27, 12:41 PM
Hi guys,

Just wondering what kind of shock do you use for your mr-03 running on high grip rcp track. I currently use kyosho dps with r246 oil shock. And atomic 6.5 mm t-plate. What do you suggest I should do to increase my rear traction?

I use misled body, and my front set-up is 1 degree camber with 4 def caster. Using reflex low profile suspension with silver spring

Should I upgrade to a tri-shock?

Thanks for your response.

2011.07.27, 02:10 PM
Tri-shock is better IMO for high-grip tracks. The springs help the suspension center faster, which gives you better response for an overall faster car. That said, it's not impossible to use DPS, I think you can take the oil shock off and just use a harder T-plate and you'll get similar results.

If your car starts to chatter, use a heavier oil on the DPS. :)

unearthed name
2011.07.27, 07:28 PM
What oil weight should I use for starters? Will 400-450cst kyosho oil enough?

2011.07.27, 09:42 PM
Sorry, I'm no expert with DPS systems as I converted to tube dampers a long time ago. :o From the last time I tried to setup my car to accept a DPS, I used soft front springs, medium carbon T-plate (specifically, PN #4), and the DPS was sanded with 1000-grit, soft springs, and 3000 CST Associated oil. I think the damping might have been a little on the heavy side with that setup, so perhaps 1000 CST is the sweet spot. I do remember that 500 was not enough, at least not at Kenon, which is your "classic" high-traction RCP.

unearthed name
2011.07.28, 01:24 AM
thanks brian. we'll try your setting this weekend.

2011.07.28, 09:08 AM
for me i use the best of both worlds! i use the PN trishock and dps!:)
to me the dps gives me consistent damping all around and the trishock gives me the adjustability i need to dial it in!
it doesn't matter where i drive, weather it be RcKenon, where we have the most grip on the planet, or @ Route241 on carpet with rubber tires,or TQ with a 90ft straightaway on ozite.....i run this combo.... i just need to run the proper tires!;)

2011.08.25, 05:18 PM
for me i use the best of both worlds! i use the PN trishock and dps!:)
to me the dps gives me consistent damping all around and the trishock gives me the adjustability i need to dial it in!

I dont use Tri-Shock but I would have to agree with Grant on this. The Tri-Shock with dps (top or bottom disc or even both) tame the car's rearend down and with the side shocks, you are able to adjust the "tweak" or roll with ease. I chose to stick with DPS because I like to spend time on the track until my hands gets numb. :D :)

To answer your a month old question, I prefer using DPS with the following setup:

PN red (soft not red hard) bottom spring
PN green (medium) top spring
PN 94-98 mm DPS kit which includes the spacer/shock mount
PN disc v2 for "ultra" tightness :D
PN damper post (always fresh & clean) If there's a groove/score, dump it!
Oil/Lube: I use shock oil, 20, 30, 35, 45. Normally I use 20 or 30.
PN T-bar SSG #4 but if it's dipping too much in the corner, I go with ATM 6.5.

top and bottom springs should sit right in the middle. If the rear of the car sags too much, I then lift the damper arm up to put a little tension on the bottom spring but not too much.

Oh yeah, make sure that when you have your DPS put together, it should be right in the center of the damper plate. Picture for reference only. Not my current setup.

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs317.snc3/28521_1356101514782_1598807667_30841080_7928353_n. jpg

How to increase you rear traction? Find out from the expert driver in your local race track, what rear tires he's using. Then start with soft rear suspension to maximize your rear traction then stiffen it little by little using thicker oil, harder springs and/or t-bar.

Good luck and keep us posted!

unearthed name
2011.08.25, 10:56 PM
i just ordered the reflex tri-shock. just want to test it in my track.

my current set-up is

atomic adjustable DPS with titanium plate.

450 CST kyosho shock oil.

standard spring, with upper spring pre-loaded with 0.5 mm shim.

kyosho lexan FRP t-plate with -0.5mm r246 t-plate holder.

my current car is quite tame now. however, i really curious about the tri-shock set-up since all the top racer in my track currently use MA-010 so no point of reference for mr-03 set-up.

thank you for the advice. will keep you posted.