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2011.07.27, 06:04 PM

My first salvage job is for member yin1235. He posted a while back about purchasing an MR02 from someone and got screwed...boy was he right!

The package arrived today with the typical 2 1/2 week to canada transit time.

It might have been better to have boxed it...but I cant complain since i found something special inside!

eddie sent me $50 in the bag with some instructions so i can fix to my hearts content!:D

Anyhow, in reviewing the item he purchased I'd have to say I hope I dont know the previous owner of this Z because this is offensive how beat up it is.

1. Chassis has plenty of stripped holes and big scratches underneath.

2. the esc board is missing its pot, the power wires are terrible and soldering looks like it was done by a 10yr old. At this point i dont even know if it works.

3. The top cover is broken with all its top holes stripped.

4. It looks like all the servo parts are there but I cant be sure the pot wires actually will transmit a signal since the board area is blackened.

Thats my assessment for now...follow the build over the next coming hours.

2011.07.27, 06:37 PM
Good luck to you sir :). I hope it can be revived.

2011.07.27, 07:04 PM
further assessment:

1. All the wheels have either bushings of the wrong size or bearings of the wrong size.

2. Tires are cracked/dried out

3.The "hop-up" motor holder is a joke...not only are the threads stripped on one side but the top plate that snaps in place jiggles and wouldnt make the damper discs function properly.

Got everything oragnized and have replaced the chassis, top cover and screw holder for the motor contacts &on/off switch holder.

I'm thinking I might have to switch to a different motor mount. I'll have to talk to eddie about that....

board assessment in a bit.

2011.07.27, 09:45 PM
I was about to say... if everything needs to be replaced, why not a new car? :confused:

I would just replace the board btw, it looks like an AM board and those are worth about $10 nowadays.

2011.07.27, 09:59 PM
It's going to pretty much finish that way.

remind me never to open my big mouth again.:D

2011.07.27, 10:12 PM
You brought it upon yourself. :p Hope it goes well, seems like those three big replacements are the only big ones.

I'm curious as to the original owner though, he bought an MR02 for drifting??? Ambitious, that he is...

2011.07.27, 10:30 PM
I dont think eddie had the necessary background info to make an informed purchase...he truly has been screwed by epic standards.

To be honest, i dont think drifting will be in the cards for this car.

I have finished the board install and happy to report that after swapping all the wires out, installing a new pot and hooking it up i found that it works reasonably well for an AM board. It has a single stack of 4562 fets which seem punchy with a PN70T as a test motor.

The funny thing about this is that the board is the only thing I've used so far from the original.

photos to come soon. I'm almost done....:p

2011.07.27, 11:41 PM
board refreshed (with new wires and such)

car finished

So what was kept amounted to:

AM board
DDS plates and springs

items replaced:
chassis (replacement had front steering area removed so i used some PN upper and lower suspension arms)
rear motor pod (ver1 PN that i had around from an old project)
front limiters and springs
ball diff

Funny story about the old ball diff...it felt kind of smooshy so i took it apart to find that the balls were worn past round and the center bearing was too thick so the spur was rubbing the diff plates.:confused:


I'm going to package this thing up in the morning.

No more "salvage build" for me man...its just too depressing.

ps. leaving the new tires in the bag so they'll be freshy when he gets them

unearthed name
2011.07.28, 01:21 AM
lol, good job cowboysir. i think the previous owner drive that car on pavement or outdoor fields. lol

2011.07.28, 03:15 AM
That looks WAY more respectable. Nice work! Hopefully it didn't run too much on your own end.

2011.07.28, 07:52 AM
If you consider the actual value of parts then it may have not been an even rebuild for $50 but in reality it's about even...last year I bought a schwack of stuff from Khang (pfcparts) for super cheap and I've used all I can for my own mini-z collection. This was mostly stuff just laying around unused so technically it had a net value much lower than retail....

Hope he likes it even though the alloy colors are all mixed up. :D

2011.07.28, 12:10 PM
its not a beauty contest im sure he will be happy with a car that he can use rather than a pretty looking paper weight lol

nice job "sir"

2011.07.28, 12:35 PM
Thank you sowbuysir!!
I am feel REALLY stupid about the deal i bought, but after see the "REBUILD" I feel much better, GREAT JOB!!!

2011.07.28, 04:19 PM
don't feel stupid. it's a learning experience ;) most if not all of us have had at least one deal gone bad. it happens. fyi, you can buy a brand new mr-015 am readyset for well under $70 if you find a retailer willing to hook you up at cost plus OH+P. kyosho is selling am readysets off at rock bottom prices these days. don't expect this kind of deal on existing stock though as those purchase prices were likely much higher.