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2011.07.29, 12:42 AM

got an MR03 with some front suspension problems. the pivoting arms tend to jam up after a couple runs and I'm having some issues trying to isolate the problem...

1.Had RR long kingpins and pn knuckles and it did it.
2. RR long kingpins with stock knuckles and it did it.
3. PN long kingpins with stock knuckles and it did it.

I'm wondering if maybe the teflon ball is jamming up but it seems smooth enough when I test for play in isolation...it is a RR ball in RR top arms.

Advice would be great...let me know if you need more info from me.;)

unearthed name
2011.07.29, 01:27 AM
could be the screw holding the arms. why don't you try changing that.

2011.07.30, 10:54 AM
Still looking for answers if anyone can help:

I've got in place RR top arms, stock pivot ball, PN long kingpin and stock knuckle and it has improved somewhat...a bit sticky at the top of the stroke instead of completely jammed up.

It may be improved because everything is clean now. :o

Seems good but not as smooth as previous setups

2011.07.30, 11:57 AM
Try polishing the king pin. Also, in the Reflex arms...make sure the pivot balls in the arms are real free. I needed to buy a tool to reem the arms out to loosen the balls in the arms.