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2011.07.29, 09:56 PM
hi everyone! im using stock kyosho motors on my ma010 awd with stock diffs. will it be effective if i install kyosho ball diffs? is the atomic carbon graphite sas pro kit better than the kyosho dws option? any advice would be much appreciated thanks :)

2011.07.30, 07:39 AM
My opinion is that the Kyosho DWS is the best rear suspension available.

Installing a ball diff in the rear may be nice, but it does take more attention to adjustment, since it can change how the car handles pretty drastically. I personally prefer the Kyosho ball diff, which is considerably heavier than the stock diff, and may not be the best option for the stock motor. Perhaps the lighter Atomic plastic differential or TAR diff may be a better option. I would keep the gear differential in the front if you use a stock motor.