View Full Version : most durable stock motor for awd

2011.07.30, 03:00 AM
hi there! im having a hard time buying stock kyosho motors for my awd. what are the other types of stock motors thats closest to the kyosho stocks in terms of durability, running time and speed? thanks :)

2011.07.30, 07:53 AM
Are you racing in a class that restricts you to specific motors?

The Kyosho stock motor is one of the most durable motors, primarily due to the harder brushes... In top end, it has similar performance to the PN 70t and CTP 70t, it just has less low end torque than both, with less punch. If you are not racing in a class that restricts the motor, I would suggest increasing the power slightly. There are a few good motors, but I would recommend the Atomic Race USA Standard motor http://store.hkshobby.com/product_info.php?products_id=4552 I believe that it is 60 or 65t compared to 70t of the Kyosho stock, so it will have a little more speed.

2011.07.30, 12:58 PM
Thank you for your reply. Any idea on running time for the 70t motor?. Can I change the brushes after heavy use?

2011.07.30, 03:45 PM
Yes you can, and you will have to, alot. Compared to the kyosho stock or x-speed these were out like snow under the sun.
I could easily use a stock motor for 1.5 years. The PN80 I have to change brushes every 2 races..
Runtime i gues about the same as the x-speed.