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2011.07.30, 11:57 AM
i check ebay frequently just to see what comes up and catch great deals when the opportunity presents itself.
more often than you would think, you run across some blatantly false sales, major rip off's and some seemingly honest goof ups.

not sure which this one falls into but thought it was funny as whats presented in photo is not at all what is described. i did send a message to the buyer suggesting he edit his description to reflect what is show in pictures.
Item number: 260826966648

i've seen some so bad, i felt i had to report them. i'm sure plenty of uneducated buyers get scammed and it doesn't hurt to watch out from time to time to.

2011.07.30, 12:33 PM
got some replies from the seller... what a douche.

This mini z is absolutely new in the box. Nothing has ever been taken out of the box and judging by the inage on the side of the box it looks to be a mr-02. I came to that conclusion based on the orientation of the motor.

Do you think that I went out and fabricated the box to try to rip someone off for a wopping $139???????

Seriously though how do you think that this car and remote found it's way into that box. And yes this model did never ship, it was only released overseas

apparently the seller did not like my advice:rolleyes: well, he did edit the listing to now say 'mr-01 or mr-02'.

2011.07.30, 01:42 PM
after some follow up emails, the mood changed and he's made further edits. hopefully it sells for what he wants.

Action B
2011.07.30, 03:24 PM
Not really sure I would consider that readyset "the perfect way to start".

Good looking out either way.

2011.07.30, 06:00 PM
heres just one just one question to ask the guy why is he selling it as a white subrau when its actually a mini power pegueot 206 body.

a body that you could buy for about 20 bucks a few years ago i have a black one sitting in a box and ive also had the yellow and blue version of that body so its kind of a ripoff when you think your getting a scooby and sliver honda

Old Crow
2011.08.06, 01:43 PM
Here's another one in this category. E-Bay #110725721900. Wrong wheels, wrong box, etc....

2011.08.07, 07:05 PM
Here's another one in this category. E-Bay #110725721900. Wrong wheels, wrong box, etc....

you get a peak at the wrong wheels but it is an mr-01 readyset box. are we certain this asc was never released in this version box? obviously not new, unused, unopened

2011.08.07, 09:10 PM
I really don't use it, but is it possible to notify them about these shady deals?
Especially since they are so obviously not what they are advertising forsale?

2011.08.07, 09:31 PM
you can contact the seller suggesting they edit their description however as the responses i posted show, the usual reaction is the same:rolleyes: worse case, you can report the listing to ebay. lots of people don't like ebay narc'ing but i don't like the idea of a less educated buyer getting mislead or ripped off more than i care what someone thinks of my contacting a seller or reporting a listing. yes, i've had lots of angry responses from general people in the gi joe community in particular to pointing out listing errors and or fraud. i suspect there are some here as well, there always are.

it's funny how people react to criticism, even presented in a respectful manner. many just don't handle it well.