View Full Version : starting up again

2011.08.02, 09:37 AM
I have had a call about starting up the racing again. The track is still setup and ready to race. The track is RCp and 24feetx14 feet when all set up.

Any interest in micro-t miniz racing from people lurking in the forum?
I do this for fun so the price is right. ($0)

2011.10.11, 07:40 PM
Still have my AM cars. I'll come over sometime if you get something set up.

2011.10.11, 08:01 PM
Art, Take a look in the Event forum. I am trying to get things rolling again here at the beach. Ive got a new place, and an event coming next month! I would like it if you could come out and race with us Art! Ive been meaning to send you a PM. chad and I have talked about it several times. I just haven't thought about it in the brief moments Ive been on the forum. This thread was a good reminder! :D

2011.10.31, 12:26 PM
I am definately out for this one. My girl has a ballet show and 2 birthday partys togo to. My boy is working on his driving though, still cannot make 1/2 a lap with an ECo motor in one of my old Mr02s. Both still beg to go back to mytle beach.

Good luck in your new adventure

Daddy Rabbit
2011.11.01, 08:13 AM
I was looking forward to racing with you again, sorry you are not going to make it. Landon has the place really looking good and professional, see ya next time.:)