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2011.08.08, 03:54 PM

I was wondering, is there any other site besides http://pnracing.com/ ?
Each time I go to this site to find a number of something I need, I cant find it.

For instance I was looking for the partnumber for the MR03 double A-arm suspension. But when I go to the mr03 section I am surprised to see so little things in there. And the double a-arm isn't even in there.

So the question is, is this the main site and is it simply not up to date or am i missing something?

Thank you

2011.08.08, 04:33 PM
Try RC kenon(dot)com. That is the west coast shop that most of us use. It is'n as user friendly as it used to be but still very manageable. Once you get logged in go to MR-03 then PN parts then suspension and steering and you should be there.

2011.08.08, 05:46 PM
So sorry, we working on the new PN web site.

2011.08.09, 03:06 AM
Ok thank you.
I will try that.

Good luck with the new website !