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2011.08.09, 03:21 AM
hi there everyone im a newbie and would like to ask from the experts out there on how to set-up my awd. whats the difference between the hard and soft springs? toe-in and out? cambers? how would it affect the car? im running on rcp tracks. thanks

2011.08.09, 09:49 AM
start with reading these:


After you have fashioned your car afetr these guidelines (anything you can mimic will improve your car immensely trust me on that) you should experiment with spring rates for your racing venue and surface. You can assemble a very nice performing AWD with a little planning and testing...

With a bit of expense you could get into A-Arm suspension front and rear but I'd start with this to get a good basis for performance.

2011.08.09, 11:00 PM
click here too (http://mini-z-guide.com/handling-SetUp1.htm)

although tips are for mr02... there are some good pointers/tips on there pertaining to springs, camber and toe in/out...

hope this helps...

2011.08.16, 10:56 AM
Thank you so much for the help